Re-Imagined Desi Fast-Casual Food

Welcome to the realm of Fast Casual Desi Dining at Naansense. Our Netherlands based restaurant offers a selection of Naan Wraps, Naan Pizzas, Stuffed Naans and Curry in a Hurry meals, a plethora of hot and sweet drinks and sweets.


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Who are we?

Our Story

Desi is a term to generically describe the population of South Asian heritage. Desi food brings together a civilizational history spanning centuries, if not millenia, and is known for its sophistication and craftsmanship. Desi Cuisine is always known for its 'dine-in', communal nature. With the advent of modern societies and the need for fast/casual dining, the founder at Naansense wanted to reimagine Desi food in a modern delivery form. This was the birth of Naansense and its menu. After searching for months for the right person to execute this menu, Naansense found its co-founder, our Head Chef, to lead the operations.

Naansense wishes to become the hallmark of what the Dutch-Desi community has to offer to the world.

Stuffed Naans

Stuffed, then Puffed. Naan Filled with our delicious fillings

Naan Wraps

The best things in life deserve to be wrapped around with a tender Naan.

Naan Pizzas

Our sauces and proteins mark their territory on our Naan breads

Curry in a Hurry

Choose a Biryani or any meal box with vege rice and curry - the all in one